Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retirement was boring, anyway...

It's been a great decade.  I "retired" on January 1, 2001 from my high-paying job with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, thinking I had enough money to stay retired.  Ten years later, I've discovered that my financial planning wasn't so "well planned", and now that I don't have any "income", it's going to be nearly impossible to stay on the sidelines very much longer, and expect to continue buying all that crazy stuff - like food, for example.

Did you miss me, corporate America?  Anyone looking for a smart guy like me to run their multi-billion dollar corporation for a nominal yearly fee?  I'd be willing to settle for one tenth of what I was making with Enterprise...If that sounds like a bargain for my future employer, consider that I was raking in close to four million dollars a year when my past employer deciced enough was enough.  Jerks.

It's one thing getting whacked when you suck at your job.  It's another thing getting whacked when you're on top of your game; when you're outperforming 75% of the other general managers in the corporation...But that's what happened, folks.  And due to a series of bad investments and bad economic occurances over the past ten years (I never quite recovered from 9/11), I find myself in need of another source of income, aside from the huge royalties that come from writing books.  That last comment was totally sarcastic.  If I had to survive from that occupation, I'd do just fine if I didn't have to buy anything at all; up to and including food.

Retirement was boring, anyway.  Now all I have to do is find a job again, at my advanced age.  No problemo.  This could be the makings of another hilarious book.  Of course, writing the thing would have to be done during my lunch hours, weekends, holidays, and whatever vacation time I can accrue with my new outfit.  I'm sure I'll figure something out.  In the meantime, feel free to buy my books; every little bit helps.

Life Under the Corporate Microscope - A Maverick's Irreverent Perspective  http://bit.ly/b2pBY

St Louis Cardinals IQ - The Ultimate Test of True Fandom - Volume 1  (No link available, but you can find it on Amazon if you plug in the title)

Bye bye.  See you in the office!