Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who Said P.hDs Aren't Funny? Not Me!

Hey, Tweets!  (If you're not a fellow Twitter, sign up after you read this.) Lately, I've come across a lot of funny people on Twitter.  Uh, that's funny "ha-ha", not funny "hmm".  Big difference.  Funny "ha-ha" would be Steve Martin or Chevy Chase from the '70s.  Funny "hmm" would be Steve Martin or Chevy Chase today. What happened to them?  Martin turned into this whiny little weasel and Chase turned into a stupid googly eyed moron, who almost seems to be lampooning himself.  He's just not funny anymore, and should never appear on camera ever again; including his own.

On the other hand, ordinary people like you and me...We're f*cking funny.  Tonight, I got a random call to action from a nice lady who goes by VenerAbility (who also happens to be a hilarious P.hD)  in the Twittersphere, and she invited me to join some sort of group she's putting together on Linkedin because I'm "humorous with marketing ability"...Or something along those lines...

I say, "hell yeah"...Sign me up.  Now I've got to continue being hilarious.  No problem, I'm always funny.  Sometimes, I'm even funny "ha-ha".

I may have my hands full, here, however.  It seems VenerAbility has a tremendous ability to write hysterical stuff.  I read her blog and she's funnier than Steve Martin or Chevy Chase ever were in the '70s; and that's saying a least as far as Steve Martin is concerned.  Chase was funny enough...but today...don't get me started.

Dr VenerAbility has penned some hilarious stuff...Just a quick sample from what I remember was a faux headline she used in one of her witty blogs:  "Thailand Swallowed by Giant Clam".  Genius.  She had other stuff, and I got a kick out of reading her blog...It seems as though some people are really f*cking stupid; they didn't get it.  Dumb-asses.  I thought it was hilarious.  And I'm usually right.  Now go on, and get out of here, after you buy my book.  Bye.

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