Monday, October 6, 2014

Why a World Series Win on OCTOBER 6 Was Bad for the Cards - A Loss Good

The following memo was recently discovered at a garage sale in Henderson, Nevada.  It sheds some light on a very strange phenomenon that had occurred on October 6 - whenever the Cardinals happened to appear in a World Series and played a game on that date.

To:  Major League Baseball                                                          Date:  April 1, 1926
From:  The Baseball Gods

Subject:  World Series Games Played on October 6

It has come to our attention that the team that calls itself The Saint Louis Cardinals is going to win the National League Pennant at the conclusion of the 1926 Major League Baseball Season.  How on earth that is going to happen, we can't really explain.  But there's a first time for everything.

In any event, any World Series Games played by The Cardinals on October 6, 1926 - and any future World Series Games played by The Cardinals on the aforementioned date - shall be deemed - actually, we're not sure what to call it.

But here's the deal:  If The Cardinals win any October 6 encounters vs the American League in the World Series - they must forfeit their right to win the World's Championship of Major League Baseball - or The World Championship, as some may call it.

On the other hand, if The Cardinals lose any October 6 encounters vs the American League in the aforementioned Series, the American League team hereby forfeits their rights to attain the World's Championship of Major League Baseball.  The only exception to that rule is in case of a Loss by Shutout in an even-numbered year - The Cardinals wouldn't deserve to win the World Series every time they're Shutout on October 6, now would they?

We realize this may cause some cynical Baseball Executives to question the integrity of the two competing Ball Clubs playing on October 6.  Neither team would find it in their best interests to actually "Win" any Games played on October 6.  In essence, one might think each team would be tempted to deliberately "Lose" any Games played on the aforementioned date.  Of course, that's a distinct possibility.  But we figured that those negative efforts would just cancel each other out.

Consequently, the Fans would be treated to a real humdinger of a Ballgame - and that's all that matters.  Most importantly, the temporary despair the Losing Team's loyal Fans endure on October 6 will be replaced by a slightly more permanent feeling of rapture by winning the whole Shebang.

This new policy only applies to World Series Games played on October 6.  Any future Postseason Games - "Division Series" and/or "League Championship Series" - do not apply for some reason.

We certainly appreciate your cooperation in attaining full compliance in this matter.  We don't normally share the future, but thought it would be helpful to give you some examples of what's in store for the next forty-some-odd years in World Series Games to be played on October 6 involving the aforementioned National League Ball Club (hereinafter referred to as "Cards")

1926 - Game 3 - New York Yankees 10 - Cards 5 - We thought it might be fun to have a guy like Babe Ruth hitting three home runs in this Game - just to give the Saint Louis Fans something to appreciate as they temporarily drown their sorrows in their bootleg beer.  Cards in 7.

1930 - Game 5 - Philadelphia Athletics 2 - Cards 0 - That's what I'm talking about.  No runs on October 6 - no Championship Trophy.  A's in 6.

1931 - Game 4 - Philadelphia Athletics 3 - Cards 0 - Odd-numbered year.  We'll let it slide.  Cards in 7.

1934 - Game 4 - Detroit Tigers 10 - Cards 4.  Cards in 7 - Winning the last 2 on the road, no less.

1943 - Game 2 - Cards 4 - New York Yankees 3 - Sorry, that one Win = a World Series Defeat.  Yanks in 5.

1944 - Game 3 - St Louis Browns 6 - Cards 2 - The Browns?  Welcome to WW II - Cards in 6.

1946 - Game 1 - Boston Red Sox 3 - Cards 2 (10-Innings) - Such a devastating defeat makes this all the more compelling for the vanquished.  Besides, The Curse of The Bambino still in effect.  Cards in 7.

1968 - Game 4 - Cards 10 - Detroit Tigers 1 - Turnabout is fair play (See "1934") - Also, the Baseball Gods don't like it when Lou Brock steals third with a nine-run lead in the eighth-inning.  That gives him seven stolen bases in the first four Games.  How many do you think he'll get in the next three Games?  0 - Tigers in 7.

We'll share our thoughts on other matters in the future - such as excessive braggadocio and/or demeaning comments directed at opposing Teams and/or Players.  Hint:  We frown upon such activity, along with silly self-imposed nicknames (such as "T-PLush", "T-Gumbo", etc).

You'll see.

Yours truly, The Baseball Gods - The National Pastime, Inc

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