Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guest Article---What Happened to America? Todd Fritz (thewonderbroker)

If you're one of the 900 or so followers I have from Twitter, you probably know I'm not a fan of our newest President, Barrack Obama---The King of Financial Trauma.  For some reason, the majority of Americans in the land known as ObamaNation, don't feel the same way I do.  That's okay.  I know I'm right, and sooner or later, I'm pretty sure the rest of America will realize that, as well. 

I'm a pretty simple guy.  Give me my golf clubs, an early morning tee-time, a few beers and a hot dog at the turn, and I consider it a good day.  Sure, I'm a stockbroker by trade, but the "good days" in that business are as rare as a double eagle---at least in this millennium.  Will things get better again?  Sure.  Do you have 100 years?

That's kind of a joke, but unfortunatey, it doesn't seem far off the mark.  Our fiscally irresponsible President, B.O., doesn't seem to have a clue.  He also doesn't seem to have a birth certificate.  Yet somehow, he qualified to run for President?  Sure, let's bend the rules for our home boy.  Who cares what country he was born in?   As long as he's got his teleprompter, he can fake it.

Somehow, his lack of motor skills doesn't instill any confidence from me.  Here's a guy who bowled a 37 during last year's Presidential campaign.  A 37.  The obvious question:  Why in the hell did he go bowling to begin with?  And why didn't he ask for those bumpers to keep his ball out of the gutter?  A 37?

Of course, to further his reputation as a complete spaz, he took to the mound in St Louis for the All-Star Game pre-game ceremony, and tossed a ruptured duck to Albert Pujols.  This was supposed to have been the ceremonial opening pitch, but it looked like something out of Field & Stream.  It was the most embarrasing moment I've ever witnessed at a sporting event, with the possible exception of Roseann What's Her Name yelping the National Anthem a decade or so earlier, and then grabbing her crotch after that performance.

Whatever happened to common sense?  How did we let this happen?  The greatest nation in the world went brain dead and nobody seems to care.  Well, I care!  The budget deficits created by this economically challenged politician are killing us.  But nobody seems to care.

The fact that the leader of our country can't even cough up a lousy birth certificate makes me think he's hiding something and I hope we find it before it's too late.  Why should we let him set his own rules for taking over this country?  Either he proves he's a citizen of the United States, or we get him out of office.  It's as simple as that.  Of course, the things that are so clearly obvious, clearly don't matter.

It matters to me. 

I promised Larry Underwood (lau56) I wouldn't go balistic here.  Normally, I do, so you should thank me for being so civilized.  Now, go buy his damned book so he'll let me come back and spout off again one of these days.

Life Under the Corporate Microscope---An Irreverent Maverick's Perspective 

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